Brenda Marshall MD

Brenda Marshall MD

Bringing health & wellness to our clients for over a dozen years, we strive to restore your body, mind & spirit. Life is too short to be feeling unwell and we join you in elevating your health to renewal and livelihood. Let your journey and discovery to wellness begin today!

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Risk Panel for Viral Inflammation

Seven Marker Blood Lab Evaluation - $199
Have you wondered if you may have underlying medical conditions that may have been missed by your traditional physicians' bloodwork/annual physical labs? This panel evaluates seven markers our office typically orders to see whether you may have a stealth issue with inflammation or liver/blood sugar/gut inflammation or malabsorption issues. We recommend a 30-minute consult after to address any abnormal findings.

Please be certain to include your address where we can mail your lab order. You will need to select an appointment time slot for purchase purposes only. Lab slip will be processed and mailed directly to your email/home upon scheduling.

Shot Clinic - Please schedule an appointment online so we may prepare your shots fresh & have them ready!!

Vitamin B-12 methyl + B-Complex - $30
We have combined methyl B-12 with B-Complex and amino acids for liver detoxification and elevated mood and sleep. Some individuals unknowingly have genetics which require the methyl "activated" form of B-12 and enjoy great health when they get their levels corrected. Elderly clients or those with gastro issues may not be absorbing nutrients normally and can benefit from an injection route. We also have these shots to go so please message us with your needs.
Vitamin D3 50K units of Liquid Sunshine! - $35
Liquid sunshine to fight the flu, boost the immune system and lift your mood. Even in San Diego, the sun is too far to give adequate Vitamin D production in the skin from Nov 1st thru April 1st. Many patients are not absorbing oral D3 due to gastro issues. Studies indicate Vitamin D3 long-term levels being low are associated with colon, uterine & skin cancers. Get your D3 today!!
Glutathione Super-Boost - $35
A critical cofactor for energy, made from protein and B-vitamins, can often run low in the body for many reasons. Patients feel increased energy, focus and athletic performance when levels are adequate. Improved muscle recovery, immune boost, and liver detoxification also are helped by Glutathione.
Traumeel by Heel - $35
Ouch! Strains and sprains can get some quick relief as well as sore muscles & joint pain can feel better from this homeopathic combination. Try it today!
Testosterone Injection Male - $30
For established patients only on a regular Testosterone shot regimen. We have these shots available "to go" as well if needed. Please leave a note if you plan to take "to-go" shots so we may have them drawn-up and ready for pick-up. Please note that you need regular bloodwork for monitoring levels and potential side effects.

Consultation Services w/ Dr. Marshall (PPO's - United Health/Cigna/Corporate Insurances accepted)

New Patient Consultation 60 minutes (phone) - $365
Congratulations on choosing to begin your health restoration. We desire to spend your appointment time getting to know all about you and your health concerns. We will decide together a plan for testing & treatments based on the details we gather at your initial appointment. Please bring any old lab records, Rx's and supplements you are currently using. Also, please have your forms ready upon arrival or come in 20 minutes early to our office to complete - thus allowing us to use your full appointment time to help discover and heal you.
Follow-up Consultation 60 minutes (phone) - $285
Our office policy is such that we require routine evaluations for our clients on a semi-annual basis. Currently due to Covid-19 we are caring for patients via phone consultation as this juncture for the safety of both our physician and clients. Dr. Marshall looks forward to reviewing your current body functional symptoms and your wellness protocol to see where adjustments and further evaluation may be needed for your continued ongoing health and well-being!

Female Hormone Pellet Appointments

Female Pellets - New Patient Consult & Procedure - $625
We offer an easy option for patients looking to streamline hormone pellet therapy. This option is for patients new to Dr. Marshall's Office who either have experienced pellets from another provider and wish to continue there treatment at our office Or for patients new to Dr. Marshall's office who have the required blood work for and are ready to pellet. Patients needing bloodwork please call our office at 858-663-7699 to have lab work ordered and performed at least 2 weeks before your planned date for pelleting. Please note that post pellet recovery requires 3 days of limited physical activity/water submersion (showers are ok). Please wear loose-fitting clothes around the hip area on the day of the procedure and stop all fish oil/anti-inflammatories (Advil/Motrin) & turmeric 5 days prior.
Female Pellet - Repeat/Return Patient - $400
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment for a health reassessment. Wear loose-fitting clothes around the hip area and avoid fish oils/anti-inflammatories (Motrin/Advil etc) &Tumeric for 5 days prior to your scheduled pellet date.

Covid-19 Coronavirus MD Screen & Immunity Testing

Brief Phone Screening by MD & Order Immunity IgG Test - $65
Covid-19 Test fee through Quest is a separate fee which most PPO insurances cover as long as they are contracted with Quest labs. Currently, the government is stating "no out-of-pocket" costs for Covid-19 antibody lab test when ordered by a physician.

Have you felt you had symptoms of Covid-19 this last Winter - perhaps December or late January? Many patients have been turned away by the US healthcare system with-out ever knowing "what illness" they actually had...Could it have been Covid-19?
Quest, a nationally renowned lab, can identify immunity to Covid-19 at 97-98% sensitivity. This requires a brief screening by a physician to determine that the test is appropriate to order, and then either an at-home mobile lab-draw ($75 extra/$150 for 2+ people) or a visit to the "Covid specific designated drawing labs" located in San Diego County - by appointment with "Peace of Mind Measures" in place.

This test is used to identify patients who had felt possible symptoms of Covid-19 more than 10 days prior, including cough, fatigue, nausea, loss of smell and appetite and/or fever. Or also for asymptomatic patients who lived with a known diagnosed Covid family member and perhaps had milder symptoms. This is an antibody test and is not used for acutely ill patients, but rather those who had likely acquired infection and symptoms several weeks prior, but may not have had a nasal/oral swab performed. For more info see:

Screening and Covid IgG serum test requires pre-payment and Patient Form faxed or emailed to our office. Please be advised that this lab test, while being performed by a large reputable corporation, still requires the below notification & purchasing through our website from our office means you have read and agree to the following disclaimer:

1. The lab is testing for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus-specific antibodies in the serum specimen from individual subjects and is pending in FDA authorization.

2. A negative or non-reactive result can occur if the quantity
of antibodies for the SARS-CoV-2 virus present in the
the specimen is below the detection limit of the assay, or the
the virus has undergone minor amino acid mutation(s) in the
epitope recognized by the antibody utilized in the test.

3. If symptoms persist and the result from the qSARS-CoV-2
serum test is negative or non-reactive, it is recommended
to re-sample the patient a few days later or seek physician advice.
4. The results obtained with this test should only be interpreted
in conjunction with clinical findings, and the results from other laboratory tests and evaluations.
5. This test is not indicated for the diagnosis of acute illness/infection but is looking for an immune response indicating recent (began over 10 days) or previous infection to Covid-19 Coronavirus.

HCG Weight Loss Injections

HCG Weight Loss 3 week program - $295
After a work-up with our physician Dr. Brenda Marshall during regular patient consultation, we can recommend proceeding towards rapid fat loss through HCG injections and weight loss program. Patients on the 3-week plan generally lose 8-12 pounds when they follow the dietary recommendations. A weekly weight check and B-Vitamin Detox shot are included with this package. Physician consultation is a separate fee.
HCG Weight Loss 6 week program - $495
After a work-up with our physician Dr. Brenda Marshall during regular patient consultation, we can recommend proceeding towards rapid fat loss through HCG injections and weight loss program. Patients on the 6-week plan generally lose 10 - 25 or more pounds when they follow the dietary recommendations. A weekly weight check and B-Vitamin Detox shot are included with this package. Physician consultation is a separate fee.

DIY Test Kit Purchase - Cash/Credit card only (cannot be run thru insurance in-network programs)

We provide drive by to go kit purchases for patients curious about health issues. No appointment needed!
We provide testing for a variety of health concerns which you may purchase directly from our office. Once your testing is complete we will call you to pick-up results. You can schedule an appointment with our physician if you have questions about your results that you would like reviewed and/or treated.

GI-MAP Parasites & GI health (Diagnostic solutions) - $345.00

Adrenal Health 4 point cortisol ( ZRT) - $145.00

Food allergy finger prick test (Great Plains) - $225.00

Genetic COMT, MTHFR, MTR snips - $179.00

Basic bloodwork (Quest Diagnostics) - $175.00 (Incl. thyroid Ft3/Ft4/ TPO, sex hormones, Vitamin B-12 & Vitamin D3)

Hair heavy metals & minerals (Doctors Data) - $95
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